Cold as I.C.E. - On a 90+ Degree Day

June 9, 2008

The Indie Craft Experience's "Lucky #7" Festival was this past weekend, and iram-inal designs was a proud participating vendor. Although the weather would just not quit (never creeping below 90 degrees), those who love all things handmade came out in full force.

Our setup for this fair. Normally, we are enclosed, with a boutique-type feel... however, the heat prevented any of the vendors from keeping their tent walls down.

Customers looking at the variety of vendors.

A lovely iram-inal customer wearing amethyst and ruby quartz cluster earrings. She was sweet to let me take her photo for our blog!

Set in beautiful Centennial Olympic Park, folks munched on frozen lemonades and purchased all of the handmade goodies offered by a wide variety of artists, from jewelry makers, to handmade handbags, to specialty stamps. Surely, there was an item for all.

As my sister and I both had festivals on this weekend (me in Atlanta, and Mari in St. Louis), I found it was particularly difficult doing the fair without her. My neighbors, however, were wonderful about watching my booth when I had to step away, and bringing cold (and much welcomed) drinks throughout the day.

Katherine Smith of KSmith Jewelry out of Atlanta. Beautiful, elegant pieces made with semiprecious stone and silver.

Sarah Neuburger and friend of The Small Object. She makes a wonderful variety of items, from paper goods, to custom stamps. You may see her items at

The crazy, wonderful girls of The Mod Dog, out of Atlanta. They create unique, custom designed collars, leashes and pet accessories for your dogs and cats. You may see their collection at

Also, a big thank you to the I.C.E. organizers and all of their helpers for pulling off another wonderful event. iram-inal looks forward to participating next year!

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