We've Been Featured! Miss Serendipitist

July 8, 2008

We are excited to have been recently featured in the great Atlanta fashion blog, Miss Serendipitist. Written by local fashionista and lover of all-things-chic, Whitney Sherrill, the blog covers cool finds from high-fashion clothing, jewelry, local boutiques, and home and bath products.

You may see her review of our new jade double woven necklace and streaming dreamcatcher earrings (both available on our fall line) here.

With new updates weekly, check out the site for everything hip at http://www.missserendipitist.com/.

Friends of iram-inal - Kimberlie Moy of Golden Plum Designs

July 5, 2008

Fresh back from a successful trip to D.C., we'd thought we'd take time to let you all know about a wonderful jewelry designer, and fellow DEKKA artist, we met while there. Meet Kimberlie Moy, owner and designer of Golden Plum Designs.

A skilled and educationally trained metal smith in hand fabricated metal design, Kimberlie began making jewelry prior to attending the jewelry arts program at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE).
Model wearing Kim's designs at DEKKA fashion show

In her artist statement, Kim said that she uses a visual language that addresses purity, sensuality, modesty, and containment. Her metal forms are based on geometric and organic principles, and are made with relevance to the part of the body of which the pieces will be worn.
Like ours, Kim's beautiful designs were featured in the DEKKA fashion show at Rumberos Restaurant on July 3rd. In our opinion, we've never seen any jewelry quite like hers... her designs are sophisticated, smooth, and compliments the wearer by making a statement, all on its own.

You may find Kim's designs at the DEKKA showroom, on the first level.

Stompin' the Runway with Dekka in Washington D.C.

July 3, 2008

It's official, folks! On July 1st, the sisters of iram-inal took a trip up to Washington D.C. to set up in the trendy boutique and showroom in the ever-hip U-Street Corridor.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the boutique is located in the center of an extraordinarily eclectic area, teeming with some of the best eateries, jazz clubs, and boutiques in all of D.C. To top it off, the area boasts a great variety and mix of nearby residents and customers who help to keep the area multiculturally fresh.

When we entered the boutique, we were pleased to find a large group of very talented designers, including Yosoy, Holland Cox , LC Beads, Thembe Fashions Biribelle, Poppi Shop, Xzuberance, and Lily Lily, among them. We arrived on the day DEKKA debuted designers on the second floor of the boutique, opening up the opportunity for D.C. to learn about even more fine, local talent.

Our setup on the first floor of the boutique.

While setting up, we learned that we were to participate in a fashion show on being thrown by DEKKA on the 3rd, as a "fashion introduction" to "Independents Month" in D.C. The show was to be held at Rumberos Restaurant in the trendy Columbia Heights area on the evening of the 3rd.

Rumberos was a fantastic establishment, serving a prix fixe menu for the event, where patrons attending would receive an drink, app, entree and dessert for $30. A superb live jazz band played as diners feasted on Latin American tapas and fare.

Photos of an empty Rumberos

There was not an empty seat in the house prior to the fashion show

The show begins....

Models wearing daytime looks by Xzuberance

Model wearing day and nighttime look available at the DEKKA showroom

Model wearing nigttime look from Yosoy

Model wearing dress from Lily Lily Shop collection

Model wearing nighttime look from Lily Lily Shop collection

Model wearing daytime look by Thembe Fashions, and necklace by iram-inal

Model wearing nighttime look by Thembe Fashions, and necklace and earrings by iram-inal

Models walking out with the designers from Lily Lily Shop and Yosoy
Designer, Philissa Williams and model wearing iram-inal designs jewelry, along with the designer's mother
Overall, the event was a great success, and a wonderful first experience for iram-inal with DEKKA. Rumberos and DEKKA provided an area in the restaurant for the designers and artists to display some of their work prior to the show. As evidence that the idea is sound, iram-inal sold a few pieces directly after the show ended! We look forward to many more successful shows with DEKKA in the coming months.
You may find all of the designs, iram-inal's latest collection, (and much more) at DEKKA , 1338 U Street, 2nd Floor, Washington D.C., 20009