Boutique Announcement - iram-inal designs at New Gallery & Boutique, Genuine Artikle

June 4, 2008

iram-inal designs is proud to announce that they are one of the designers to be featured in Long Island, New York's new boutique and gallery, Genuine Artikle. A boutique and gallery that allows us to express the edgier side of iram-inal, the space is an enhancement and attachment to the already booming tattoo shop owned and run by legendary tattoo artist, Zam.

Along with his partner, Alky Styles, these visionary artists are expanding their space to include the work of designers around the country. From the edgy to the sometimes lowbrow, Genuine Artikle will provide a wide variety of items to it patrons, from custom t-shirts, and other apparel, to jewelry.

Check out their site at to learn more.

Genuine Artikle will officially open their doors to the public on Friday, June 13th, 2008 with their Grand Opening Party.

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