Audaz at ArtDimensions 3rd Floor Gallery

November 14, 2008
For those of you who don't know, ArtDimensions is a non-profit group of artisans with a mission to increase awareness and love of art in the St. Louis area, and beyond. By happy chance, Mari and I stumbled upon this group of impossibly talented artists and immediately made it a quest to join their ranks to soak up all of the art knowledge we have.

We can attest that their sentiments are not at all stuffy, as they openly accepted iram-inal designs as their first jewelry design artisans in the group, a bestowment of which we are so proud. The group is full of the young and the young-at-heart, and everyone consistently carries a hip, happening, and supportive vibe.
A few months ago, my sister, Mari, approached ArtDimensions to ask if iram-inal could be the Featured 3-D Artists for the month of November in their striking 3rd Floor Gallery; when they said yes, my sis gladly took up the challenge.

Although the gallery is like a second home to Mari, being in Atlanta, I had not yet had the opportunity to visit the site - located in the heart of cosmopolitan downtown St. Louis on Washington Avenue - and took the last day of my last visit to St. Louis to do so.

I have to say that the gallery is simply striking... big, bold, with clean lines, the gallery is more than I ever anticipated, and should be the crowning glory of the group.
Mari's great work with the group also allowed us to set up in the Flax Gallery, a portion of the ArtDimensions Gallery specifically dedicated to local women artists. In addition to having our work sold in the Gallery Gift Shop, you can also find our work in future exhibits in the Flax Gallery, as well.
Audaz opened to a warm group of art-seekers on November 14th. I never could have anticipated the beautiful job my sister did in completing the space. The installation was everything that encompassed the iram-inal identity - beautiful, Afro-Cuban inspired pieces that were Audaz, audacious and statement-making in every way.
Overall, it was a fantastic event, and we are so proud to be affiliated with such a talented group of artists and for having such a successful first exhibit! You can visit the ArtDimensions 3rd Floor Gallery Th - Sun, 12:00 Noon-4:00pm at 1214 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor (enter through Mossa Center), St. Louis, MO 63103.

Boutique Announcement - iram-inal designs at Mezzanine


Often, my sister and I reach for the stars in terms of boutiques and galleries where we'd like to show and sell our work. Last year I read about Mezzanine, located in St. Louis' chic Central West End, in one of my favorite fashion magazines, and decided that the boutique, its owner's sensibility of carrying both established and emerging designers in hard-to-find labels, and overall store aesthetic is a place where iram-inal belongs.

After creating our newest collection, we decided to contact the owners, Anna and Paul, to see if they'd like to schedule a showing to see our work.
We immediately scheduled a showing time in this upscale, sophisticated boutique and are ecstatic to say that our green and wovens lines are now carried at Mezzanine!

A few of our green and woven collection necklaces at Mezzanine.

If you have not been to the boutique, you must take a trip to shop for the holidays (and beyond). The store has an easy charm and shoppable, unintimidating layout that will allow you to find a wide variety of chic and interesting products, ranging from jewelry, to shoes (some of the coolest I've seen in a while), to dresses, and you're likely to run into either Anna or Paul while you're there.

A shot of one side of the boutique

Most importantly, don't let the reputation that all high-end boutiques price their items so out of range that you're likely to suffer "sticker shock" stop you from checking it out... we can attest that Mezzanine carries a wide variety of products, with pricepoints on some items starting below $50.00! And as you know, iram-inal will always provide you with high-fashion jewelry designs at reasonable prices... it's our continual mission! Now that we're in Mezzanine, it's obvious to see that they're aligned with that same sensibility, as well, by carrying pricepoints for everyone.

Boutique owners, Anna and Paul, in the store

We look forward to having a trunk show at Mezzanine in the upcoming spring with our newest collection. Be sure to be on the lookout for the date and time!!

You can visit Mezzanine any time at 389 N. Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108 or shop online at

A Fabulous Jewelry Party in Alton, IL


This evening, my sister and I took the trek across the river to Alton, Illinois to set up for one of our fabulous jewelry parties at a very cool restaurant called Gentelin's on Broadway. Tucked away in the middle of downtown Alton, this inconspicuous location is one that is easy to miss, but we highly recommend you stop in and have a bite any time you're near the area. Oh, and be sure to order the spinach-artichoke dip, and Sante Fe wraps... they are beyond delish!

We arrived early to set up in the back room of the busy restaurant, and waited for the host, Elisa, to arrive. The party hopped off exactly at 6:30pm, with 20 women eager to dine, sip wine, and shop our newest iram-inal collections.
Our normal party setup and our Host, Elisa

Our Lovely Host, Elisa, choosing her free gift for the evening!
The Ladies, after dining for the evening

Over all, it was a wonderful evening full with prizes and great holiday purchases (many for themselves, too!). Afterward, the ladies invited us to eat dinner with them (which we are still raving about).
If you are interested in having your own iram-inal jewelry party, contact us at for more details! We are always happy to come to you!