Location Announcement - Knoxville Museum of Art

September 15, 2008

While we were in Knoxville for our gallery opening at Pistol Creek Gallery, we were fortunate enough to obtain a meeting with the managers of the gift shop located in the Knoxville Museum of Art. We will begin selling our jewelry in the Museum Gift Shop in October 2008.

The Museum is committed to providing a venue for both emerging and renowned artists with both a national and international reputation. The museum includes five galleries, as well as a Sculpture Terrace, an Exploratory Gallery, and two large outdoor garden areas.

It is an absolutely breathtaking venue, and many special events, such as weddings, are held there throughout the year.

The museum shop has a variety of exciting and one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone. Along with exhibition-related merchandise, posters, stationary and great coffee table books, the museum shop also offers an array of novelty and gift items, and a children's area. Also featured are textile, glass, wood and ceramic pieces hand-made by local and regional artists.

We are proud to be affiliated with such a talented group of artists, and look forward to selling our one-of-a-kind pieces there for years to come. Be sure to visit next time you are in Knoxville. 1050 World’s Fair Park • Knoxville, TN 37916-1653

Gallery Announcement - Pistol Creek Gallery, Knoxville, Tennessee

September 7, 2008

We are so excited to announce that we recently found two retail homes in Knoxville, Tennessee. Having never visited the home of the Vols, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Knoxville is a large, bustling community filled with a creative arts community.
On the evening of the 6th, we opened our line at a new gallery just north of Knoxville in the suburb of Maryville, called Pistol Creek Gallery. Owner, artist and curator, Heather Whiteside, collected art from a very talented pool of artists from all over the country, and featured her own impressive architectural renderings. The opening event was a great success, filled with good food, great art, and live jazz music provided by The BBC Trio.

The best part about attending these events out of Atlanta is found in the opportunity to share a space with so many creative minds at once. I met a slew of the extraordinarily talented artists, such as Kenny Mencher, Sally Ham Govan (who has the most shophisticaed and impressive animal renderings I have ever seen), photographer Lowell Millican, Chris McAdoo, and Marshall Hall , and to name a few. Prior to the event, I had the pleasure of spending a little bit of time with fellow jewelry designer, Amanda Henry-Thompson, of Sista Creations, who makes a unique and very cool product called Bands for Bangles.

The event also supported the local chapter of the humane society, and we're very happy to say that a fostered dog found a permanent home that evening.
It was an event to remember, and Knoxville welcomed iram-inal with warm, generous and open arms. We cannot wait to get back down to the Knoxville area for our next event in November. See you all then!