The 2009 Indie Craft Experience - Beehive Style

This weekend heralded the 2009 Indie Craft Experience Festival in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park. For the first time, at the ICE Festival, 12 talented designers from the Beehive Co-op joined together to create one big "mega booth." While sales were slower than last year, the ultimate result was a day of fun filled with lots of light, laughter and learning.
I.C.E. Patrons braving the heat Our Beehive "Mega Booth"
For this link, I'm going to give some shouts out to my fellow designers, and give you links to their websites so you can learn a little more about them and their wonderful products.
Brandi of Just Add Honey
Hazel Studstill of HJ Designs
Carrie and Sara of Brightshop
My booth, shared with uber-talented designers and friends, Shannon Edwards and Tasha Hussey
My boothmate, Shannon Edwards of Shannon Lynnette
My other wonderful boothmate, Tasha Hussey of Tasha Hussey Designs
Amy Leff of Throwing Stars Jewelry and Julia Farrill of Red Bird Ink
Julia and Amy shared a booth with the inimitable Arwen Fine of A. Fine Shirt
Alejandra Dunphy of Alejandra Dunphy Designs
An old Beehiver and friend, Wendy Burnley of Bella Bee
I encourage you to check out each of their sites. Their products are well made, handmade, and are local! Shop away!!!

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