A Fabulous Jewelry Party in Alton, IL


This evening, my sister and I took the trek across the river to Alton, Illinois to set up for one of our fabulous jewelry parties at a very cool restaurant called Gentelin's on Broadway. Tucked away in the middle of downtown Alton, this inconspicuous location is one that is easy to miss, but we highly recommend you stop in and have a bite any time you're near the area. Oh, and be sure to order the spinach-artichoke dip, and Sante Fe wraps... they are beyond delish!

We arrived early to set up in the back room of the busy restaurant, and waited for the host, Elisa, to arrive. The party hopped off exactly at 6:30pm, with 20 women eager to dine, sip wine, and shop our newest iram-inal collections.
Our normal party setup and our Host, Elisa

Our Lovely Host, Elisa, choosing her free gift for the evening!
The Ladies, after dining for the evening

Over all, it was a wonderful evening full with prizes and great holiday purchases (many for themselves, too!). Afterward, the ladies invited us to eat dinner with them (which we are still raving about).
If you are interested in having your own iram-inal jewelry party, contact us at sales@iraminal.com for more details! We are always happy to come to you!

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